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Lawn and Planting Installation
By adding ornamentals, shrubs, trees, ground covers, and perennials to your property, you will create the paradise you always wanted in your garden. This will add texture, shape, and color to your property, giving it a distinctive look among your neighborhood. Our staff will make sure to provide advice on native, low maintenance, or seasonal plants that will best suit your needs.
Vista Landscaping Services
Masonry and Concrete (Hardscapes)
With the addition of a decorative patio, walks, barbeque area, or any other masonry structure, you will obtain one of the most striking components to your landscape. With masonry or concrete structure or also known as ‘hardscape’ items, it will provide a long lasting impact on your landscape, which will also increase your properties value. We guarantee, careful and precise design and planning, to ensure the long lasting installation that you deserve.
Arbors, Decks and Fencing (Carpentry)
Wood structures and fencing, can serve for many purposes. Fencing is usually to divide property boundaries, to separate areas. Other wood structures such as arbors, decks, and wood patios serve not only for decorative purposes, but also to transform an uneven dirt area into a flat clean wood surface you desire. This addition that will not only add beauty, but also add value to your property. 
Retaining Walls
Installing a retaining wall to your property not only serves for decorative purposes, sometimes it becomes a need. Due to the uneven terrain, the installation of such a wall is recommended to prevent erosion problems. Retaining walls are also used to create planting areas and to separate different areas of landscape. These walls can be built as concrete block walls, as timber walls, or as rock retaining walls. We will plan and design the retaining wall to your property’s needs, which will not only add beauty to your landscape, but also safety and erosion control.
Drainage Systems
Water Features
Why are so many people intrigued by water features? Is it the sound of water running down the rocks, the cool mist that is created by fountains, or is it the fish navigating through the aquatic plants. Whatever the case is, we assure that you will be one of our many satisfied customers enjoying such a feature. Whether is a fountain, a pond, a stream, or water fall, you will be delighted with your one of a kind feature. All of our installations are designed to not only fulfill your needs, but also provide you the peacefulness you deserve.
Do you want your landscape to look green all the time, without you having to worry about watering throughout the day? This can be achieved by having and automatic irrigation system. Whether is installing or converting your current manual irrigation system into an automatic system. We guarantee that your landscape will be properly irrigated through out the year. This will save you time and worries about your landscape being watered.
Having a proper drainage system in your property is essential. With an efficient drainage system you are able to prevent soil saturation, soil erosion, and accumulation of standing water which could damage structures. You are guaranteed to obtain the best planning and design to achieve proper drainage, preventing your property and assets of being damaged do to any excess moisture.
Keeping your garden sharp and clean can be time consuming. However, we can provide you with a high quality service that will make you worry free about your garden. We guarantee to keep your property clean all year long. You will not have to worry about mowing, trimming, picking up leaves, or fertilizer application; we’ll take care of it.  
Artificial/Synthetic Turf
Installing synthetic grass not only looks as good as the real thing but it stays looking freshly cut, clean and of course green, day in and day out. One of the biggest benefits of installing artificial turf is that it does not have to be watered.Consider also the money you will save in maintenance. You will not have to mow or trim it or apply any pesticides or insecticides.